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ImbiSoft is a technology company

Who We Are

We provide fast, affordable & secure hosting to clients worldwide,.

We strongly advocate for Internet Freedom, Cyber Security and Responsible Digital Lifestyle.

We are a dedicated web development and hosting agency with a passion in building unique websites for our clients. We build professional websites that are fully optimized, responsive and user-friendly. We provide our services to individuals, small & medium size companies, NGOs. Our expertise and talented team is able to meet any project or business need. We have a huge understanding of Web Design, functionality and the importance of an online platform that clearly and professionally satisfy any given need.

“We will always try to be closer to our customers or partners, especially when they need us most. Ensuring that we deliver on our promise of providing an amazing customer experience”.


our vision - ImbiSoft

Our Vision

With our push for Better Technology & Solutions,  we will continue to strive towards providing an all-in-one solution to our partners and customers worldwide.

We strongly believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the merits of Better Technology and Solutions, no matter their immediate limitation of time or space.

By building and hosting effective / responsive websites, we ensure that the public always has access to content or technology that is performing at maximum efficiency while guaranteeing reliable security.

We encourage the use of efficient solutions that make everyday life easier while protecting this lovely planet we call home. Our talented / skilled team is extremely passionate at building amazing website or solutions that exceed expectations. We strive at encouraging a digital world in which everyone can asses content irrespective of their device or screen size.

Our mission

Our Mission & Core Values

Through our ‘Better Technology & Solutions” strategy we stand by the following guiding principles:

  • Reliability and Sustainability
  • Trust and Accountability
  • Excellent Customer Experience
  • Professionalism and Dedication
  • Efficiency and Consistency
  • Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Security and Performance
  • Employee Satisfaction and Empowerment
  • Customer Focus
  • Professional Ethics
  • Creativity & Research
  • Empathy, Tolerance and Inclusiveness

Through the above principles, we are able to offer a unique experience to our employees, partners and customers while making sure our associated the tools or services influence positive change and create inspiration.

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Some Of Our Team Members

” It is impossible until some does it, the only limitation is data or information ” … Sam Imbia

What Our Clients Say About Us

I have been with ImbiSoft since January 2019. I have had no serious downtime except during a scheduled maintenance, which made my website slow for about 5 hours but after everything is now super fast and effective, Great host and 100% recommended.

Henry G. Manager

The HYBRID SSD HOSTING is On Point and then you get discounts. Unmetered bandwidth, IPv6 Supported and SSD drives for better IO. Quickly launch with no delay. Remote Console over SSL. ISO OS installers supported and there comes your freedom. I use for all my RnD and Pre-Prod tuning. Couldn't be better guys!


I haven't really needed support yet, but any time I contacted them they were quick to reply, some more learning info there as well will help more. I appreciate your great service and hope to send a few customers your way. I got a special offer for 10.50 usd per month, how could I go wrong. EB Special - 4 CPU Cores + 4GB Ram + 50GB SSD Disk + Unmetered Bandwidth. Thanks

Aurora Leslie CEO